The responsibilities of pet owners

January 27, 2010

Have you ever lost a pet?  Have you ever had to “put one down” at the vet?  I can now say that I have and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.  Well…maybe Bin Laden and a couple of worthless Hollywood celebrities.  My point is that it was one of the absolute WORST experiences of my life.

Up until last week, I had three dogs.  The first and now deceased was a Maltese named Abby.  She was the offspring of my childhood dog growing up so this was probably one of the reasons it was so hard to see her go.  There is a chapter of my life that is now forever closed.  Heck, she was 16 years old, had very few remaining teeth and manufactured urine puddles at 15-minute intervals due to kidney failure.  It was time.  But man, was it hard.

To make matters worse, Dudley is now on his last leg.  Dudley is a 16-year-old wire terrier mix with really bad arthritis, bad teeth and what appears to be the onset of dementia.

We adopted Dudley thru Animal Aid here in Tulsa and has been the very best family dog you could imagine.  I cannot tell you how many handfuls of hair he has lost to a toddler trying to keep his balance!  He has withstood all of the torture that comes with small children in the house with a smile on his face and a wag of the tail.

While he is not gone yet, I think that his passing will be even harder on me.  Hopefully my recent experience with Abby will make it easier.

On a lighter note, I am considering an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) as my next “best buddy”.  I’ve actually had the dog now in it’s imaginary form for a couple of years now.  His name is Hamish and he is really easy to take care of so far.  Once I bite the bullet and actually buy the dog, I will be buying him from a breeder located in Vinita.  Check out some of these specimens! I absolutely love these dogs!  Not only are they highly intelligent, they are very loyal and willing to do anything possible to please their masters.

Here are some very interesting links I have found for the ACD’s.

Can’t wait to post some pictures of the REAL Hamish!

Tulsa Terry


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