Super Bowl Rant: Made in the U.S.A.?

February 7, 2010

Does anyone else wonder what’s going on in the American psyche?    Oh how far we’ve come in a small stretch of time.  I’m sitting in my recliner, eating pizza, drinking beer and trying to enjoy the Super Bowl 44 extravaganza.  Something is standing in the way however.  From the get go, I noticed that the whole dang thing was being sponsored by Hyundai.  Then the broadcasters remind me five times that the game is being broadcast in English AND Spanish.  Finally,  I notice that the half-time entertainment is The Who.  Now don’t get me wrong….I freaking love The Who and I’m sure that Hyundai makes a fine automobile…but in the political, social and economic climate that we Americans find ourselves in today, I’d sure wish we would start concentrating on AMERICAN products and acts that remind us of how great our country is.

If someone comments on how we live in “one world” now, I’m gonna go load my gun.  To be more specific, my Kimber .45 Pro Carry II.  PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.

P.S.  One bright moment would be the fine lookin’ Oklahoma native that sang the national anthem!


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