Russia- Day 1

April 3, 2010

I am sitting in an apartment that belongs to a friend of Alex’s.  After an amazing dinner at a local restaurant, we ar sitting in the kitchen drinking a beer at 11:30 pm local time.  Here is a brief recap of the day’s events.  For those of you keeping track of time…we left  for the airport at 5:00am Tulsa Time on Friday morning and arrived in Moscow on Saturday morning at 10:00 am Russia time.  The kicker is that we have yet to go to bed.  So if you do the math, it is  3:00 pm on Saturday afternoon Tulsa time.  That’s a long time without sleep.

A brief recap of our day…..we met Brett, Zina and their two girls in New York around 1:00pm.  After a quick lunch at the airport and a visit to the duty free shop, we boarded a very large plane (one step below a 747) and departed for Moscow at 4:05 pm.  The flight was absolutely brutal!  One cool thing about it was that when it got really late, a handful of  Russian citizens on the plane congregated in the rear galley and drank beer and wine all night.  Needless to say, Brett and I had a blast.  I will say that regardless of the amount of alcohol flowing, there is no way to shorten the flight in your head.

Customs was non-existent.  We weren’t even asked one question!  We were immediately met by Alex and a couple of his friends and wisked away to an apartment on the south side of Moscow.

Apartment Building in Moscow

Apartment Building in Moscow

After unpacking, having a wonderful lunch (prepared by Alex’s fiance, Kate) and a quick power nap, we went on a tour of Moscow University, Christ the Savior Cathedral, Vorobievi gori (an overlook of the Moscow skyline).

We returned to the apartment around 6:00pm and met up with Alex’s sisters and extended family for the most amazing Azeri meal you could imagine at a restaurant across the street from the Moscow Zoo.  The meal consisted of at least 5 courses along with an entire bottle of vodka.  Very nice indeed.

After dinner, we went to Red Square to take in the sights at night.  Wow…what a truly amazing experience.  St. Basil’s Cathedral is everything I imagined and more.  I am having trouble posting pictures as we have limited Internet coverage.  I will post pics just as soon as possible.


3 Responses to “Russia- Day 1”

  1. Lorelle said

    Awesome. On the phone with the V’s reading this. They say, “привет” and hope you are having the best of times. You should sleep well tonight.

    Make the pic low rez and SMALL and they will upload here easily.

    Have the time of your life. Can’t wait for more details and stories! Love and hugs.

  2. clarence said

    Is Russia what you expected it to be ?

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