Russia- Day 2

April 4, 2010

After going to bed at 2:00am, we had every intention of getting up around 8am and hit the city hard.  We got up at noon!  It’s been a long time since we have felt this exhausted.  After having a wonderful breakfast of breaded pork chops, cheese, eggs and smoked meats, we headed out to the market to buy some food for an early dinner.  We are told that at most family events, small meals are served every two-three hours.  I could get used to this!

We visited a small market where fresh meats, cheeses and vegetable are sold, a small store that sold nothing but freshly brewed piva (beer) and a small grocery store.  Two observations….the vodka isle is an entire length of the store and there is a large section of the store devoted entirely to tea.  We also stopped and bought a vobla (a salt cured and dried fish).  Zina promptly skinned it upon our return and we had another snack meal before heading into the downtown area for site-seeing.

Alex is a GREAT tour guide!  He brought us to Arbat street to check out the sites. (picture Bourbon street without the drunks and Beale Street without the blues).  Very cool but only about 5% of the people are Russian.  The rest are tourists.    
We went into a Russian Orthodox church during an Easter mass/ceremony of some kind.  The church was the most adorned I’ve ever seen and the chorus was wonderful.  The resonance of the voices was fantastic.  In the late afternoon, we rode the Moscow Metro (terroists be damned!).  We ate at a Japanese restaurant for dinner (insert joke about traveling half way around the world to eat Japanese here).

seven sisters building in Moscow, Russia by pixelhut

Seven Sisters Building in Moscow, Russia. Photo by pixelhut

After dinner, we drove around the city watching the nightlife from the comfort and safety of the car.  One of the buildings that sticks out in my mind is one of the “seven sisters of Moscow”.  These buildings were built in various locations around Moscow and incorporate very similar if not identical architecture.  Beautiful!

We are now hanging out at the apartment with Brett and Zina having late night conversation and snacks.  These people eat a LOT!  It is almost 11:00pm local time and we are heading to bed soon.  More to posts (and maybe some pictures)  tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Russia- Day 2”

  1. clarence said

    How are the boys liking the trip ?

    • tulsaterry said

      The boys are having the times of their lives. They are not picky eaters, they like staying up late and they don’t mind walking everywhere. They fit right in!!

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