Russia- Day 3

April 6, 2010

Well…the path to hell is paved with good intentions! We were supposed to get up early and head out to see the city but wound up staying up until past 3am talking, eating and of course…drinking vodka with Brett and Zina. The kids went to bed around 11:00pm and it was so quiet that we took advantage of processing all that had transpired so far. We are on sensory overload but at least we have had a chance to get our bodies back in our sleeping rhythms. (for the most part!).

We had breakfast around noon consisting of a pancake-like crêpe covered in a sweet yogurt sauce along with fresh fruit. We then left with our trusty tour guide (Alex) and headed into the heart of the city. We visited the Kremlin and took a lot of photos within the walls. The cathedrals are spectacular! I got scolded by one of the staff for trying to take a picture. I’m blaming it on the language barrier. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! It’s hard to wrap your mind around how old these churches are. One of the cathedrals was packed with the sarcophagus’ of all the czars of the past. One of the wooden coffins dated to the 13th century. The amount of adornment on the walls, floors and ceilings boggles the mind.

Moscow Kremlin Wall by clurross

Moscow Kremlin Wall by clurross

We stopped at a sidewalk café and had hotdogs for a mid-afternoon snack. We also visited some of the tourist shops set up on the sidewalk around Red Square. Hayden decided to buy a traditional Russian hat with Fox fur trimmings. Very posh!

From Red Square we headed to the northern part of the city to a place called VDNH. This part of the city is like a forgotten area from Soviet times. The buildings and monuments are all large and beautiful but are in a state of disrepair. Most of the buildings are now used for various exhibitions for farmers and other agricultural crops. There is an actual Russian rocket on display in one of the courtyards as well as a very impressive statue of Lenin.

After walking around five miles, we were tired and met up with Camille (Alex’s other sister), Dennis (Camille’s husband), and Zina for Sushi. Zina and Kate (Alex’s fiancé) headed to the airport after dinner to fly to Nizhneyvartovsk a few days early. Our intention is to head to bed early so we can have a full day in Moscow on Tuesday. We leave for Saint Petersburg around 8pm. More to come tomorrow!



4 Responses to “Russia- Day 3”

  1. Liz Martin said

    I just caught myself up on your trip so far, and I’m worn out, but it sounds amazing! I can’t wait to see Hayden’s hat.

  2. kristinq said

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on the trip! It sounds wonderful and I’m jealous of all the incredible sites you are seeing. Talk about a once in a lifetime trip. Enjoy it. I am praying for you guys. Miss you and love you bunches! Take a pic of Hayden in the hat…I couldn’t have picked a better purchase for him to make. Perfect.

    Love ya!

  3. clarence said

    The pictures you are taking are incredible. How are you liking there food overall ?

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