Russia- Day 5

April 7, 2010

Sitting at the breakfast table in St. Petersburg trying to keep my eyes open.  The same can be said for everyone at the table.  We stayed up late in our hotel room in order to Skype Hayden’s school and talk to his classmates.  What a neat experience for Hayden.  What started out as a quick hello turned into a slideshow of our pictures taken so far via the “screen share” function on Skype.  Technology is simply amazing.

Hayden's new hat

Yesterday started off with a wonderful breakfast of cheeses, meats, tomatoes and cucumber.  Our guide that Serge had arranged for us was prompt and we started a rolling tour of the city at 10:00am.  The weather was misty and foggy with limited visibility.  Temps were in the mid forties.  The city is quite beautiful with wonderful examples of classical and baroque architecture everywhere you look.  Palaces seem to be located on every corner of the city center.  I will have to give names of the buildings and cathedrals later because I’m in a hurry and would rather just post pics than try to figure out the names.

The highlight of the tour was a 40 minute trip outside the city to visit the summer palace of Peter the Great.  Peterhof is the name of the palace and I encourage you to google it and look at images.  I just don’t have time this morning.  Our tour guide was quite polite and amazed us with her knowledge of the early Russian emperors.  If it were not for the private tour bus we would not have been able to see as much of the city in such little time.

St. Petersburg

We are heading back to the airport this morning in order to fly back to Moscow for one more day of sight-seeing.  Late tonight we fly to Nizhnevartovsk.


One Response to “Russia- Day 5”

  1. kristinq said

    Thanks for the pics of everyone, especially Hayden in his hat! Perfect!

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