Russia- Day 6

April 8, 2010

Russian Orthodox CathedralWe are sitting in the airport waiting on our flight to Nizhnevartovsk.  From now on I will refer to this city as Nizh because it’s much easier to type!  The time is 11:40pm and there is not much to report for today’s events.  We have spent the majority of our time in transit.  We did have the opportunity to do some laundry, re-pack our suitcases in order to bring the bare necessities to Nizh and to take a nap.  The flight from St. Petersburg was uneventful (just the way you like them) and Alex was waiting at the airport to pick us up.  Alex has been a terrific host and has anticipated our every need.

After a nap and shower, we went to dinner at a Tajik restaurant less than a mile from our apartment.  The food was fantastic as usual.  Every dish was new to us so I cannot begin to define them.  The salad was a shredded turnip, lamb meat and a very light mayonnaise dressing.  The soup was a pelmeni of sorts and the broth tasted very buttery.  One of the dishes was similar to a cabbage roll but was wrapped in grape leaves and stuffed with lamb.  The entrée was a rice pilaf served with lamb and a huge dumpling stuffed with lamb.  Are you picking up a theme?

Alex and I in Red Square

There are at least five major airports in Moscow and we have now seen three of them.  The one we are currently in is VERY nice and has the latest of all appointments.  QUICK SIDEBAR:  When we were waiting for the plane to take us to St. Petersburg, we were at a smaller and older airport.  I decided to visit the restroom before the flight.  Man…I wish I hadn’t!  There were approximately a dozen men sitting on the floor of the bathroom that measured maybe 20 ft x 20 ft and they were all chain-smoking.  I literally gagged as I was taking care of my business.  The smoke was extremely dense and hung 5 feet from the ceiling.

As  I type, Alex’s friends from his University have arrived for their flight with us.  It appears that we will have at least 12-15 people on the same flight headed to the wedding.  While I was very excited to see the sights in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the best part of the trip is beginning for me.

As I haven’t taken much pictures today, I will post some of my favorites from the days past.  More posts to come (wi-fi permitting).

The Whole Gang

The Whole Gang



One Response to “Russia- Day 6”

  1. kristinq said

    I love all the info and pics! Thanks for taking time to share with us. The kids have been fascinated by the trip! Much love to you!!!

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