Russia- Day 9

April 12, 2010

We are back in Moscow as of this morning and I’m just now getting the opportunity to update the site for yesterday’s events.  The colds that Lisa and I have are getting much worse and it’s turning an already exhausting trip into a nightmare keeping up with sleep.

When we arrived back at the banquet facilities on Sunday for the second day of festivities, there was a table set up with alcohol, silver spoons, a tip jar and two “doctors” in white lab coats.  Upon entering, you are supposed to pay for a spoon in order to take your “medicine” and make you feel better from the previous night’s festivities.  All proceeds are then handed over to the bride and groom.

Lunch was served over several courses and the immediate family and close friends were the only ones in attendance.  This day is very similar to a family reunion in the States.  Traditional Russian folk singers and dancers were brought in for entertainment.  I particularly enjoyed the singers.  There were six or seven of them singing traditional good wishes and farewell songs with the accompaniment of an accordion.  (see the gallery below for a picture of them).

The rest of the day was very relaxed.  People came and went from the commons at our hotel rooms and we sat on the sofas and chatted until midnight.  We had to get up at 5:00 am in order to catch our flight but everyone was miraculously on time.  There were two flights leaving for Moscow this morning and we had approximately 13 people flying out.

I have included pictures of our hotel room (don’t mind the mess) so you can see the digs that Sergey hooked us up with.  I have also included some various candid photos taken at the luncheon.  Hope you all enjoy them.



One Response to “Russia- Day 9”

  1. clarence said

    I am not surprised you guys are struggling if you are only getting 5 hours sleep

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