Russia- Day 11 (and 12)

April 14, 2010

Well everyone got up and around on time and left for the Moscow airport at 8 a.m.  The traffic was, once again, unbelievable.  I’ve developed nerves of steel and look forward to driving the lazy streets of Tulsa again!

The flight to New York was started with a delay on the tarmac in Moscow as air traffic was backed up.  After a very long 10-hour flight we arrived in New York at 3:30pm and sat on the taxiway for another 30 minutes because there was another plane at our gate.  After disembarking the plane, we waited approximately 45 minutes for our bags.  Once we got our bags, we had to go through customs.  With all of the combined delays, we were informed that we missed our connecting flight to Detroit and had been re-routed to Atlanta where we would need to spend the night.  At first, Delta decided it wasn’t their fault and were NOT going to cover the expense of meals and hotel.  Well…after 10 hours on an airplane, my fuse was pretty short and I would up “convincing” Delta that the expense was theirs and we got to stay at a very nice Renaissance by the airport.

As I write this final blog about our Russia trip, I am on the flight from Atlanta to Tulsa and we are scheduled to land at 10:30 a.m.   We plan on stopping by the office briefly and then going to home to unpack and decompress.

We took ten different planes on our trip and traveled 15,678  miles.  We saw what was left of a society that Lisa and I were brought up to fear.  It was fun to see the differences between our cultures.  Honestly, I was surprised at how hard I had to look for the similarities.  It bears repeating how blessed we are in the United States.  One of the favorite things I’ll take away from the trip in watching the boys SEE and EXPERIENCE the cultural differences.  I think they had a blast.

Well…we’ve started our descent into Tulsa; the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign, our seats and tray tables must be stored in the locked and upright positions, all electronics turned off and put away and seatbelts securely fastened.  Gotta go!

P.S.   I’m having a huge Diet Coke right now with ICE, wonderful ICE!!



One Response to “Russia- Day 11 (and 12)”

  1. Brett said

    Your delay is looking easy… Our flight was cancelled due to the ash and was just rescheduled for Wednesday (from Saturday.)

    By the way, I enjoyed reading your blog along the way. I should do the same.

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